Mengding Yellow Buds 2021

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Mengding is locating in Sichuan province within Ya’an city. It has been famous for its green tea quality and producing tribute tea since over 1000 years. In Mengding, the production of a kind of yellow tea started already 1120 and the tea was partially oxidized and pressed into cakes. With the promotion of loose leaves teas between 1368 and1644, teas produced from buds became more popular. Yellow buds are the highest quality within the yellow category. Since only perfect buds can be used for such high-grade tea, the harvesting season is only 20 days during the early Spring. This yellow bud was produced according to traditional yellow tea-making tradition, where the buds were wrapped in papers to promote oxidation under controlled heat and humid conditions and finish with skillful roasting. This tea is very fine and subtle, extremely elegant with beautiful creaminess and a hint of nuttiness and vanilla.

Origin: Sichuan Mengding, China

Year of Harvest: 2021

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