Yingde Hong Cha 2021

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Yingde is where this black tea is coming from. Yingde locates in the North of Guangdong province of China. It has a long history in tea production started already 1200 years ago. However, Yingde Hong Cha was only created in the 1950s after the Yunnan Da Ye (Large Leaf) cultivar was successfully cultivated in Yingde for black tea production. All the tea production was completely sold and under the management of the state and was solely for export purposes. Until the 1990s, as there was a dramatic drop in demand, the state had finally stopped purchasing black tea from Yingde. Hence, Yingde Hong Cha struggled once again for its survival, until 2006 the demand increase again domestically within China. One of the highlights of Yingde Hong Cha is its subtle floral note, which becomes even more expressive when brewed with less boiled water at around 95°C, and its salty caramel taste. It also has a resemblance to Dian Hong from Yunnan.

Origin: Guangdong Yingde, China

Year of Harvest: 2021

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