Premium Zhenghe Bai Mu Dan 2020

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Bai Mu Dan is a classic white tea from China and it was created around 1922 in Fujian. Zhenghe is one of the main production areas (Fuding is another important area) in Fujian, where was also the first area that started to produce Bai Mu Dan after it was created. Bai Mu Dan is translated as White Peony in English to describe the beauty of this tea. This Bai Mu Dan was produced in 2020 using the best material from an ecological teagarden in Zhenghe. Only 1 bud with 1 to 2 leaves were picked carefully for this tea. It is extremely aromatic and refreshing, which almost gives an impression of taking a walk in a dry forest filled with various kinds of pines and oaks, with hints of subtle flowers and honey.

Origin: Fujian Zhenghe, China

Year of Harvest: 2020

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