Gangkou Cha - Ocean Tea - Original 2017

Gangkou Cha - Ocean Tea - Original 2017

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Gangkou is the name of the area, where this unique kind of tea is coming from. This tea is characterised by its greyish colour and its unique aroma that comes from its uncommon geographic environment (in low altitude (under 100 meter) of the valley opening to the Pacific Ocean in the south of Taiwan).

Where this tea can be found, the community of the village reminds small and there are only handful of people who are still insisting to keep this tradition and producing tea. However, tea making and the maintenance of the tea garden requires a lot of hardship, and passion alone is not enough. Since the younger generation has already left this town, only the old and the children are left.

At the moment there are different cultivars being used as raw material. This original Gangkou Cha comes from the one and only tea garden that still is insistingly using and planting unaltered or improved cultivars since the beginning, as tea was first introduced by the Hakka immigrants to this area. Until nowadays, they still continue using their original seeding methods to cultivate the tea.

Origin: Taiwan - Manjhou (Pingtung)

Year of harvest: 2017 - Spring

Aroma: mild breeze of seasalt, buttery, comfortable baked aroma

Taste: gentle hint of seasalt, refreshing, creamy, smooth and round in texture. There is a pleasant  sweetness that accompany every brew, especially when its left cooled. 

Infusion: light yellowish

General brewing instruction:

  • Quantity - 3g (0,25L);
  • Steeping time - 1-2 min;
  • Temperature - 90-100°C;
  • multiple infusions possible

Suggestion on teaware material: Porcelain, glass, ceramics or clay

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