Taiwan (Formosa) Tea

Taiwan (Formosa) Tea


Compared to the history on that of Chinese tea, tea from Taiwan, also known as Formosa tea, has only started in the 16th Century after the first discovery of wild tea trees in Nantou by Chinese immigrants. The name “Formosa Tea” was however not know to the world until 1869 after the huge success of the English merchant John Dodd who sold tea from this island as “Formosa Tea” in America. Oolong tea is the mainstream tea assortment in Taiwan that is being produced because of the origin of the immigrants who mainly came from Fujian. Their love of tea is intensive, creative and vivid. With the attitude, they make tea appeal to everyone and  irresistible.

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Taoyuan Four Seasons Oolong

Product no.: TW-TYFS-2017

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Formosa #18 Ruby 2017

Product no.: TW-SM18-17

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Shanlinxi (High Mountain) Winter Oolong

Product no.: TW-SLX-2018

Shanlinxi teagarden locates is at the East side of Zhushan (Nantou) and belongs to one of the most beautiful tea area in Taiwan, in particular for Oolong. Here, the main cultivar is Qing Xin Oolong, and the freshly harvested leaves are processed in the factory within 20 Min drive from the garden. This harvest was the last harvest of the year 2018 in the beginning of Winter. It was completely handpicked and has an intensive taste, very refreshing, smooth and round. 

Jahrgang: 2018 Winter

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