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Tian Xiang Hong Oolong 2017

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This Tianxiang Hong Oolong is definitely a unexpected catch during our visit at our Tea-Baking Master Mr. Li. It's been very fortunate to have found this master. For decades, with heart and passion in his work as well as helping other tea farmers in Nantou to find the the natural way (without chemicals) of tea cultivation. This tea is from the same master for our Master Tie Guan Yin and Wood Baked Hong Cha.

After a very long bus drive, we finally arrived in the afternoon. We were so exhausted but as soon as we saw this familiar friendly face of our tea master, all our tiredness disappeared. We were so excited about sipping the creations of our teamaster. However until we arrive at his small tea workshop, it will still be awhile to go. Perhaps he heard our stomach, instead of taking us straight to his place, we stopped by a restaurant and first satisfy our tummy.

As we arrived at his Tea-workshop, his wife, a very fine and friendly lady, was already waiting for us impatiently. Right away she took us into her arms. What a hearty greeting. Our accommodation was just a few steps from the workshop at the lake-side. Actually we should first get some rest, but none of us could resist the aromas of tea in the air. So after we left our luggage in our room, we found ourselves already sitting at the master‘s tea tasting table again.

Until we get to this tea, we started off with Dong Ding, then different versions of Tie Guan Yin and interesting chats over tea. We came to the point that no one wanted to go to rest. Then the time came: a sweet fruity scent filled the room suddenly. Yes, suddenly.. It strikes us without warning. This scent was interesting, somehow it was this familiar caramelized sweetness, but there was something more - these mesmerizing bouquet scent. The room went still, all the eyes were fixed on these reddish-brownish-golden drops in the pitcher. Not only its colour, but how clear and „somehow thick“ like honey it looked. Then our little cups were filled one by one... mmm...  

The raw material came from Guo Ying Village (Nantou) and was hand-picked during Spring 2015. This handmade oolong is heavy fermented (oxidized) and baked over firewood flame. It has a sweet and absolutely fruity character which remind us of the exotic fruit - Longan. In every cup was full of surprises and manifold. Tian Xian Hong Oolong - this name was given by the teamaster, it means: red oolong with heavenly fragrance. 

Origin: Guo Xing Village (Nantou)

Year of harvest: 2017 Summer

Infusion: golden yellow to slightly reddish

Content: 55g

Suggestions on teaware material: Clay, Yixing, Glass or Porcelain

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