Wuyi Da Hong Pao #105 (traditional)

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Origin: Fujian, Wuyi Mountains Region

Harvest: 2010 Spring

Smell: mild roasted, flowery and refreshing

Taste: It is stronger roasted in comparison to its handmade version. However behind its "smoky" mask, if it has a very decent flowery aroma with a slight mineral taste and very smooth in throat. If follow the Kungfu Cha preparation method, this tea can yield at least 5-7 brews and every brew offers a slight difference in taste and texture. 

Brew: golden brown


  • Quantity - 5-7g (0,25L)
  • Steeping Time - 1-2 min (depends on brew and personal liking) *1st brew is only to wash the tea leaves, therefore not to drink!
  • Water Temp. - 95-100°C
  • No. of Brews - at least once

Kungfu Cha Preparation (to Detail):

  • Fill the warmed teapot (max. 100mL) to the half with dry tea leaves or 5g in a warmed 160mL Gaiwan.
  • 1st Brew - "wash" the tea leaves with 100°C water without longer than 10 Sec. of steeping, then discard the water
  • 2nd Brew - 100°C for 10 Sec.
  • 3rd Brew - 95°C for 20 Sec.
  • 4th Brew - 95°C for 1 min (*from this brew onwards, pour hot water over the teapot while brewing in order to keep the inside temperature)
  • 5th Brew - 90°C for 2 min
  • 6th Brew - vary the steeping time and temperature depending on personal liking

Teaware Recommendation: Porcelain, Glass or Yixing Claypot

Note: Da Hong Pao, as well as other rock teas taste even better, when prepared in clay teapot, as the porous character of such material can allow the tea to breath better. On the other hand, this also allows more brews.


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