White Ruby 2017

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White Ruby is a very unique white tea that created by our Shanlinxi Hong Shui master. It was harvest by hand on a sunny Winter day of January 2017. Ruby is another name for Formosa #18, which is widely known for its Hong Cha. But this White Ruby is a new extension from this cultivar. Compare to its Hong Cha counterpart, White Ruby has a rather soft and gentle nature. Depending on your choice of water temperature, you can adjust it to your personal liking. For example: it is extremely soft, smooth and fruity with lower temperature (eg. 80°C for 2 Min.); on the other hand, when brewed with 100°C, it could also become more astringent (much less compare to its Hong Cha) with strength and a highlighted mintyness in its aftertaste especially. 

Harvest: Jan 2017


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