Mandarine Gushu (Sheng) Pu Erh 2016

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"陳皮" means aged mandarine peel. Its usage can even be dating back to the Song Dynasty according to the some mandarine peels specialist. So it's always been one of the most important natural remedies based on TCM, in particular for a certain kind of coughing. It is also widely used as cooking ingredient. Meanwhile in the West, many scientific studies revealed that peels from citrus fruits are containing even higher health beneficial substances like phenolic compounds and flavonoids, besides its vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, essential oils and carotenoids. In addition, it is also extremely aromatic and delicious.  

Although mandarine is widely grown in many parts of China, the best quality Mandarine peels is believed to come from Xin Hui over hundreds of years. Its medical value increases with time, therefore the older it is, the more valuable it becomes. 

Storage: Break the mandarine peel into small pieces and store directly together with the Pu Erh tea in a airtight canister. 

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