Shu Cha Nan Tian 1994

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This Shu Cha was produced und industrally fermented in 1994, Yunnan. Then it was imported by Nan Tian Teahouse and stored with enormous care after the Hong Kong storage traditions for over 20 years. The fermentation was only done partially, which allow space for further development in the storage. Due to this special storage treatment, this tea has developed into a very fine hybrid between Sheng and Shu Cha. It kept both the "freshness" from Sheng as well as the silkiness texture of Shu. Moreoever, this batch of Shu Cha was made with fine quality raw material i.e. young leaves and buds, into order to create such exclusive tea. This special Hong Kong storage tradition is the key to create the depth of taste and "refined" texture, which is called "Hong Kong Taste". This is an excellent example of Shu Cha from the Hong Kong storage in the 90's.      

Jahrgang: 1994

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