Premium Yinzhen - Organic - (Fuding) 2015

Premium Yinzhen - Organic - (Fuding) 2015

Product no.: CN-YZ15

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Origin: Fujian, Fuding (certified organic teagarden by IMO - Certification no.: 100416 NOP)

Year of harvest: 2015 Spring

Aroma: floral, refreshing and fruity

Taste: fruity, refreshing, floral, subtle sweetness, very smoothing and elegant in texture

Infusion: very light yellow

General brewing instruction:

  • Quantity - 3-5g (250mL or Standard Gaiwan size: 160mL);
  • Steeping time - 2-3 min;
  • Temperature - 85°C;
  • multiple infusions possible

Suggestion on teaware material: Glass or Porcelain


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Porcelain Teacup S1501 Porcelain Teacup S1501
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Glass Gaiwan 120mL Glass Gaiwan 120mL
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