Red (Black) Tea

Red (Black) Tea

Red (Black) Tea

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Hong (Red) Dan Cong

Product no.: CN-HDC-2017

"Hong" is translated as the colour "red". Dan Cong, as you already know, is a tea plant family (Dan Cong) from Chaozhou and is used especially for making oolongs. This tea is very special, as it is a Hong Cha (red tea) that produced from Milanxiang Dan Cong using the traditional Wuyi Souchong making technique. The result of this test is extremely interesting and created a win-win product, which not only the smoothness, sweetness and texture of the Souchong was able to stay, managed to express a beautiful balance with the fruitiness of Dan Cong. Apart from that, the typical bitterness of Dan Cong also disappeared.

Year of harvest: 2017 Spring

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Jin Jun Mei 2016

Product no.: CN-JJM-2016

Jin Jun Mei – the golden and beautiful eyebrows, a pictorial description in three characters. It is the king of Hong Cha in China and was born in 2005, as an exquisite variation of Souchong from Tong Mu Guan inside the natural preserved wood of Wuyi. This Jin Jun Mei is the best one I came across so far. It is complex, with various components, fruity in the direction of exotic fruits (mango and Longan), beautifully smooth, round and rich. 

Year of harvest: 2016 Spring

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Gu Shu Hong Dragon Pearl 2016

Product no.: CN-GHP-2016

This Dragon Pearl is handmade of Gu Shu in Yunnan. It is very similar to our Gu Shu Hong Cha, since they are basically the same, except it is formed into a 8g ball for practical reason - easy to portion, give away or just take along wherever you go. This portion is perfect for a standard gaiwan (80-110 mL). It has a beautiful malty sweetness, creamy, smooth and only slight astringen. It also yields multiple brews. 

Year of harvest: April 2016

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Handmade Wild Gushu Hong Cha (Lin Cang) 2016

Product no.: CN-YNWH-2016

For tea lover, Yunnan is truly a place of facination. In the wild, every tea tree is different and depending on skill, the resulting tea could be very surprising. In the case of this Gu Shu, is originated from Lin Cang (west of Yunnan), where these tea trees are living for over 1000 of years. According to the villagers, some trees are different to others, so they gathered those, which are similar and made this Hong Cha. Yet, the number of this certain kind of tea tree is limited and scattered in the jungle. This Gu Shu has certainly one of the most exotic combinations in taste that are difficult to put into words.

Year of Harvest: 2016

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Wild Souchong 2016

Product no.: CN-WSC
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Gu Shu Hong Cha (Yunnan)

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Lapsang Souchong (Premium)

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