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Taiping Houkui 2019

Product no.: CN-TPHK-2019

Houkui implies the king of Taiping green tea. High-quality Taiping Houkui, like this one has a very elegant character and lasting and flowery aftertaste.

from 12.50 *
100 g = 125.00 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Traditional Maofeng 2019

Product no.: CN-MF-2019

Small tea bud like the tongue of sparrows, the best raw material for Huangshan Maofeng. It was made in the traditional way and by hand. Subtle, mineral, touch of hay and pine forest.

from 5.50 *
100 g = 55.00 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Xihu Long Jing (Ming Qian) 2018

Product no.: CN-LJX-2018

Top quality from Xihu (Hangzhou). First harvest (Ming Qian) of the seasion. Qualität aus Xihu (Hangzhou). Smooth, creamy, sweet (caramel), with mild acidity and mineral in its taste. Complex and comfortable.

from 3.00 *
100 g = 30.00 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Long Jing (Organic) 2018

Product no.: CN-LJO-2018

Organic Long Jing from (China) Hangzhou Xihu. Nutty with delicious roast aroma, and slightly dry. 

from 2.50 *
100 g = 25.00 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Tribute Huangshan Maofeng 2018

Product no.: CN-HSMF-2018
from 3.35 *
100 g = 33.50 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Organic Mao Feng 2017

Product no.: CN-MFO-2017

This Maofeng is grown at the altitude around 800m in Tunxi (an organic tea garden) within the Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) region and was harvested before the Qin Ming Festival. It is a pleasure just for examening the dried leaves of this Maofeng. Its delicate structure and are completely intact. This don't only take attention to details but care in every stage of its process, as well as its packing. When the tea is opened up with the addition of water, its beautiful "one-bud-and-two-leaves" will be displayed. However its inner beauty will definitely not going to let you down either. It has a elegant smooth texture and a refreshing citrous / lemongrass essen in its taste. 

Year of Harvest: 2017 Ming Qian  

from 7.85 *
100 g = 31.40 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Nanjing Yu Hua Cha 2017

Product no.: CN-NJYH-2017

Where this green tea comes from has a very long history of tea production, which dated back in the Lu Yu era. But the name "Yu Hua Cha" only appeared around the 60's and was officially confirmed in 1959. This green tea is made from very fine needles (tips). Like most of the high quality chinese green teas, the infusion of Yu Hua Cha has a very light greenish/cream/yellowish appearance, which is almost close to the colour of water. But it has a very rich taste and smooth texture. To my opinion, its mild smoky character reminds me of Mao Jian, and its smoothness and sweetness from Biluochun. 

Jahrgang: 2017 Ming Qian

from 3.35 *
100 g = 33.50 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days

Long Jing (Ming Qian) Supreme 2017

Product no.: CN-LJ17

To have a good cup of Longjing is becoming more and more difficult, not to mention about its price. This Longjing comes from the region of Hangzhou and is hand picked during its best season before Ming Festival on 5th April 2015. And of course, no exception is made for roasting it in the hot pan based on traditional methods. Its aroma, taste, texture and appearance is no doubt of first class quality. It is not only refreshing, sweet, floral and nutty, but also fruity. A very exquisite tea!

Year of harvest: 2017 Spring

from 17.00 *
100 g = 34.00 €

can be shipped within 1-3 days
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