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Bailin Gongfu Hong 2021

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Bai Lin Gongfu Hong, is a black tea from Bai Lin in Fuding, which belonged to one of the black teas that were exported outside China in the early 20th century until the fall of black tea export. Even though there was a short gain of popularity as it was riding on the black tea wave created by Jin Jun Mei, a black tea from Wuyishan. However, it sadly didn’t manage to maintain its slice of the market due to the popularity of white tea from the Fuding in early 2000. It became a forgotten black tea and only very limited tea factories in Fuding still continue in producing it. This tea was produced by one of those older tea factories, which has been producing this tea for over 40 years. This tea gives a restrained impression, very subtle and fine in taste, but instead a depth and richness in texture. Aromas like fruitiness, maltiness, as well as sweetness are all very fine. And the highlight is a very unique saltiness in the taste, which is rarely found in most black teas.

Origin: Fujian Bailin, China

Year of Harvest: 2021

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1 - 1 of 5 results