Winter Jade Oolong 2016

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Finding Jade Oolong has become more and more difficult. It's been awhile ago, as we offered Jade Oolong. It was a rather ordinary and simple tea, but refreshing as well as with a nice texture, very easy to drink. This year, I especially asked for this tea to see how it might taste. However for 2017 harvest, I was too early. Because Jade Oolong requires strong sunlight, the warmth and prefer drier weather to develope its best character. So Summer is normally the time. 

But last Winter, there has been a few beautiful warm Winter days, plus the dry weather, it was just perfect for this Jade Oolong. So this Winter Jade Oolong is especially aromatic with a complex floral scent which changes with different brews. Apart from that, it is also extremely smooth with a very nice and long lasting floral aftertaste. 

Year of harvest: 2016


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