Tribute Huangshan Maofeng 2018

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„One-bud-one leaf“ is the top ranking under the Quality classification of Huangshan Maofeng. The production of such Quality is enormously challenging. Only the experienced and skilled tea-pickers were choosen for this harvest, as they are the first line of sorting: picking the flavourful and appealing buds without damaging such delicate Young leaves.

As the harvest arrives, the skill of the tea maker is another crucial element. Experience, skill, and sharp sensory sensitivity of the tea master (maker) are decisive for the Quality of the endproduct.

Year of Harvest: 2018 Ming Qian (March)

Origin: From Huangshan Mountain (Anhui Province of China). This Maofeng was harvested before the Ming Festival in March. Extreme care during the pickung and processing to select the best buds, as well as avoiding any damage to the young and delicate buds and leaves. 

Smell: nutty and sweet.

TasteThis Mao Feng is very smooth, elegant, whic at the same time dry on the tongue. It has a very fine coconut and lemongrass note in its aroma, as well as a delicare and creamy touch of nutmeg.

Infusion colour: very very light cream colour

    •    Quantity - 5g (0,25L);
    •    Brewing time - about 1-2 Min;
    •    Water temperature - 80°C;
    •    multiple brews possible

Teaware suggestion: Glass or Porcelain

In glass, the opening and dancing of the buds can be appreciated. It also tastes when cooled. 

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