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Wuyi Tie Luo Han 2014

Product no.: CN-TLH

This tea is from Fujian Wuyi Mountains. It has a delicate fruity sweetness. After the first drop of a comfortable dryness that remains on the back of the palate, a hint of sweetness lingers pleasantly in the mouth and throat.

Year of harvest: 2014

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Anxi Tieguanyin (medium) roasted

Product no.: CN-TGY-MR

Anxi is the home of Tieguanyin. Tieguanyin is not only the name of a tea, at the same time, it is also the name of a tea plant, and a specific method of tea making for this particular tea. The traditional Tieguanyin making is very complicated and extremely time consuming. This Tieguanyin is purposely only up to halfway roasted (using woodfire flame) in order to retain the flowery character, as well as to modify the sweetness, depth and texture of the end product. Compare to those green style Tieguanyin, traditional oxidation rules were applied to make sure adequate oxidation is achieved, which you could clearly see in its infusion's colour. It is a very balanced tea of keeping the goodies of both traditional and conventional styles.

Year of harvest: 2016 Spring

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100 g = 29.40 €

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Lao Cong Dan Cong

Product no.: CN-DC02

Dan Cong Oolong tea is a synonym of which are from Guangdong province in China and is a specialty of this region. "Lao Cong" means old trees, in this case, this Dan Cong is made from White Leaf Dan Cong trees that are between 50-60 years old. The tea garden is located in Wu Dong Mountain within the Fenghuang area. This Dan Cong has a very special aroma and taste which can only be found from old Dan Cong trees. It is mellow, beautiful rosy aroma and a special sweetness which reminds of sherry/port wine. It is a very special Dan Cong. 

Harvest: 2014 

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100 g = 34.80 €

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Zheng Yan Rougui 2015

Product no.: CN-RG-2015
from 5.54 *
100 g = 55.40 €

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Zheng Yan Beidou Da Hong Pao 2015

Product no.: CN-BD-2015
from 4.76 *
100 g = 47.60 €

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Milanxiang Dan Cong 2015

Product no.: CN-DCML-2015
from 19.58 *
100 g = 39.16 €

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Premium Roasted Anxi Oolong

Product no.: CN-AXO
from 2.55 *
100 g = 25.50 €

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Rock Da Hong Pao (original)

Product no.: CN-DHP02
from 4.25 *
100 g = 42.50 €

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Wuyi Da Hong Pao #105 (traditional)

Product no.: CN-DHP03

As describe in its name, this Da Hong Pao is produced according to the old traditional method, and is relatively stronger roasted, which the smoky aroma becomes the first impression of the tea, when the dry tea first hold close to the nose. However, this is just the mask of its real face. When prepared in a correct way, a misterious flowery aroma and a mineral taste will unfold in your palate.

Harvest: 2010 Spring

from 3.50 *
100 g = 35.00 €

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Wuyi Da Hong Pao #105 (low fire)

Product no.: CN-DHP01
from 2.89 *
100 g = 28.90 €

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Wuyi Rou Gui (Premium)

Product no.: CN-RG
from 3.63 *
100 g = 36.30 €

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Wuyi Shui Xian (Premium)

Product no.: CN-SX02
from 3.24 *
100 g = 32.40 €

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Wuyi Shui Xian

Product no.: CN-SX01

It comes from the Wuyi Mountain Region, like Da Hong Pao, it belongs to the rock tea family. It is made in its traditional way, which means more roasting is involved. The roasted aroma masked however its beautiful flowery fragrance, therefore the first infusion is recommended to discard or as fertilizer for you flower bed. Oolongs of its traditional style are usually stronger roasted for its more prolonged shelf-life. Behind the its smoky mask, unfolds a nice, creamy and caramelized character in the teacup.

Harvest: 2012 Spring

from 2.40 *
100 g = 24.00 €

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