Taiping Houkui 2019

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Taiping Houkui 2019

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Taiping is an area within Huangshan, where also the home of Taiping Houkui.

Its look and its manufacturing process are unique. Unlike other green tea, the young bud of Houkui has a very thick long stem that is similar to oolong. The production is basically the same as Taiping Jian Cha, except it involves much more labour work and details. After the kill-green each bud is separated, gently rolled and arranged individually on the grid. High-quality Houkui is characterized by its subtle floral scent and can be infused quite a few times.

Year of harvest: 2019 Ming Qian 

Origin: Taiping, Huangshan (Anhui Province). 

Smell: sweet

Taste: Its aroma is a mixture of white flowers, honey, vanilla, vegetal and is very creamy. 

Colour: very very light and transparent

    •    Dosage - 5g (0,25L);
    •    Steeping time - about 1-2 Min;
    •    Water-temperature - 75-80°C;
    •    Multiple brewing possible

Teaware: Glass or Porcelain 

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