Sanxia Biluochun (Ming Qian) 2019

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Origin: Sanxia, Taipeh

Without any questions, Suzhou Dongting Lake in China is the origin of this tea. Because of the Chinese immigrants, the tea processing technique was brought to Taiwan. Until nowadays, the North of Taiwan - Sanxia - has become home of this Biluochun since over 200 years. During the colonial time under the Japanese (1919 - 1949), green tea experienced their lowest tide. Thanks again to immigrants leaving China after the war and the Japanese pullout from Taiwan in 1949, it came that the Chinese were missing the taste from home - Longjing and Biluochun. And so the revival time of green tea production began. This tea has become more than a mere replacement of Biluochun. Despite being originally drunken as "just a replacement”, this Biluochun tastes a bit heavier than its Chinese counterpart, while being very elegant, creamy and easily yielding 4 or more infusions.

Year of harvest: 2019 (Ming Qian)

Aroma: bouquet, refreshing and creamy  

Taste: very elegant, creamy, umami, slightly reminds of cucumber, refreshing 

Infusion:  very subtle yellow

General brewing instruction:

  • Quatity - 3g (0,25L);
  • Steeping time - 1-2 min;
  • Temperature - about 75-80°C;
  • multiple infusion possible
  • Kungfu Cha style possible

Suggestion of teaware material: Glass or Porcelain


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