Alishan (Gao Shan) Oolong (green) 2017

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100 g = 34.80 €
100 g = 34.80 €

Alishan mountain, locates in the Chiayi district (1200-2300m), very much in the middle of Taiwan. This particular Alishan Oolong came from the teagarden, which is about 1600m above the sealevel. It is the first picking of the Spring season for this teagarden on a foggy morning. Even in the cup, you can almost feel the moisture in the air as it was just picked from the tea bushes. It is extremely smooth, and its freshness will fill the whole mouth cavity, mildly grassy with a comfortable bite. It has a beautiful texture. 

Year of harvest: 2017 Spring

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Porcelain Teacup S1501 - B-Ware Porcelain Teacup S1501 - B-Ware
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