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100 g = 213.59 €

Last month, we discovered an unusual shu cha together, of which the leaves were from Burma and were fermented in Menghai. Like all contemporary Shu Cha, this tea was fermented according to the industrial method called « Wo Due », which was developed in the state factory in the 1970s. 

The other methods of controlled fermentation of Pu Erh exist, such as Hong Kong refined storage. This style of refined storage is based on a much older, slow and artisanal approach of maturation, which has inspired the invention of Wo Due in the 70s. 

This month, for you we have selected a fine grade Pu Erh that was produced in the 1990s and is mainly composed of buds and very thin leaves. Hence, this will develop a very pure and particularly mineral character. 

Year of production: 90's

Newsletter-Set Content: 17g

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