Gu Shu (Shou/Shu) 2010 from Kokang (Burma)

Product no.: NL-PUERH-1709

In September we begin a new cycle and going to learn more about the "dark side" of Pu Erh. To start with, we selected a particularly rich contemporary shu cha - a rarity and doubtless the best Shu Cha we have seen since the last decade. 

The leaves of this tea come from Kokang, a small Burmese region nestled between Shan City, Gengma and Yong De in Yunnan. Kokang is a particularly rich area, for the quality of its gardens and natural conditions, as well as their locally developed tea cultivation. Yet, it remains one of the most mysterious and unknown areas for pu erh, as it has been regularly in the scene of armed conflicts since the 1960s, which makes it difficult to explore and to develop a genuine tea market. The situation and armed violence aggravated further since 2015, making access practically impossible. Fortunately, some Kokang tea productions do manage to cross the Chinese border, and offer us a glance into the richness of this unknown terroir.

Year of harvest: 2010

Newsletter-Set Content: 85g

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