Huo Ka & Banzhang (Menghai) 2017

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100 g = 90.85 €

In July, we began our discovery journey with Manzhuang - East of Xishuangbanna, the craddle of chinese Pu Erh. This month, we are explore the taste of the West of Mekong  - Menghai County. 

For a better understanding of the Menghai taste, again, we have packed 2 Pu Erhs from this region. The first tea is from a Hani village - Huo Ka - North of Bulang Mountains (boarder of the administration of Bulang Mountain), about 20km South of Menghai City. This tea was made from the mature tea trees of an old garden of the village, at the altitude of 1700m.

The second tea is from the region of Banzhang, only 8km South of Huo Ka, in the heart of Bulang Mountains. Since 2000, the village Lao Banzhang is under the spotlight and developed into one of the most prestigious under the 3 most expensive Pu Erh producing villages in Yunnan. This tea is from a old tea garden also at an altitude of 1700m, between Lao and Xin Banzhang. Not until recently, this was still belonged to the Lao (old) Banzhang. Now it is adminstrative under Xin (neu) Banhzhang only a few hundreds meters away, of which the villagers were actually from Lao Banzhang. Therefore these leaves were also at a much much more affordable price, even though the taste and quality made not such different as some say.

The goal of this month is to make the picture of the taste of Pu Erh from the Menghai region:

  1. Huo Ka 2017 - 17g
  2. Xin Banzhang 2017 - 10g

In this set, not only you are going to receive the two Pu Erh samples from harvests of two villages from Menghai, in the tin, you will also find the postcard of this month and the detail information about this Pu Erh of the Month. 

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