Xiang Ming (Manzhuang) 2015/17

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100 g = 61.33 €

100 g = 61.33 €

For the second part of our small exploration journey in 2017, this month we will be traveling to the famous Mount Manzhuang, east of Xishuangbanna. Within this area, are the "six great tea mountains", covering 100 x 60km from East to West - is the first documented Pu Erh producing area since the 18th century. Four of these six tea mountains locate in the small area of Xiangming, including Manzhuang. This month Pu Erhs are both coming from the same garden, including old tea trees belonging to the Deng family (one of the big families of Manzhuang village). These teas were perfectly mastered by Ms. Deng Xiao Mei in a traditional way from the first Spring harvest of 2015 and 2017 respectively with a contemporary touch. Hence prepare them separately and try to investigate the differences in the cup.

The goal of this month is to experience how taste developes within a short time in the case with Manzhuang Pu Erhs:

  1. Spring harvest 2017 - 11g
  2. Spring harvest 2015 - 18g

In this set, not only you are going to receive the two Pu Erh samples from harvests of two different year from Manzhuang, in the tin, you will also find the postcard of this month and the detail information about this Pu Erh of the Month. 

If you would also be interested to learn more about Pu Erh and follow the next month tea, simply subscribe out Newsletter for electronic information (free), or to learn about the Pu Erh in more depth and experience it yourself, you can also order the "Pu Erh Explorer Box".

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