Nanmei Yesheng Bai Ya (Yunnan Wild Buds)

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Yunnan is truly a treasure box. Constantly, you can find something unique, special and exciting. From the wild jungle of Nanmei Village, our Puerh hunter discovered this beautiful Yesheng Bai Ya (Whilte Wild Buds) - a 100% wild tea. And we are extremely surprised with its aroma and taste.

To find this tea, the teapickers had to hike hours in the jungle and needed over weeks to a sensible quantity for the production. This can only be found und picked once a year, therefore very limited. These buds were naturally air dried without any kind of "human work", but the aromas is amazing, doesn't matter in hot or cold water.. doesn't matter how long they were in the water.. You can never do anything wrong with the preparation.. and every cup will be perfect. Furthermore, it can yield more or less unlimited brews. It is simply a wonder, a treasure.

Origin: Nanmei, Yunnan. Nanmei is a completely hiden village within the jungle. 

Year of harvest: 2018 Spring

Smell: refreshing, flowery and sweet.

Taste: It is highly flowery and swet. Elegant texture and comfortable. According to the supplier, it is even proven to have almost non-existing coffein.

Infusion colour: very very light to colourless


  • Quantity - 2g (0,25L) 
  • Brewing time - non specific 
  • Water temperature - non specific
  • multiple infusion possible

Teaware suggestion: Porcelain or clay

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