Yunnan Gu Shu (White) 2016

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Searching for the purest? The ultimate origin? This is certainly a tea you should not miss. Yunnan is not just an origin for Puer, it is most probably the birthplace of tea. Gu Shu can be not only the raw material for Puer, but also white tea. This Gu Shu (White) is one of the most beautiful examplar I have ever tasted. It's making was entirely natural with almost zero influence by human, except it was selected and picked from the tea trees and being distributed evenly on the racks for withering and drying. It took around 4 days for this tea; from fresh picked leaves to dried tea. It has a beautiful elegant smoothness, extremely floral, soothing and can endure multiple steepings.

Year of Harvest: 2016


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