Ya'an Yellow Tea 2021

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Ya’an belongs to the Sichuan province in China and has been producing since (or even before) the beginning of Chinese tea history. Almost all tea categories can be found producing in this area. One of their most famous tea production areas is Mengding, where our Yellow Buds is coming from. Ya’an Yellow Tea is produced from the same Sichuan local tea trees like the Mengding Yellow Buds. This Yellow Tea is produced from an “abandoned” teagarden in the mountainous area of Ya’an. This tea was completely handmade by the teamaster, who has been deepening his experience and knowledge in yellow tea making for over 30 years. The traditional “men huang” technique (tea was carefully wrapped into paper and left to oxidized) was used to obtain yellowing of the leaves and enrich the brews' aroma. Finally, the tea was finished off with gentle roasting over a mastered charcoal fire. This tea is very delicate but rich in taste, intensive in umami, and reminds of salty caramel.

Origin: Sichuan Mengding, China

Year of Harvest: 2021

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