Wuyi Tie Luo Han 2014

Wuyi Tie Luo Han 2014

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100 g = 39.50 €

100 g = 39.50 €

Origin: Fujian, Wuyi Mountain

Smell: mildly roasted, flowery with a elegant sweetness

Taste: It has a subtle sweetness which blend nicely with the floral aroma. In a combination with a mild mineral and lightly minty feeling on the the tongue tip has created a uniqueness of this special tea. After swallowing, a comfortable dryness with remain at the back of the Gaumen and a trace of long last sweetness will linger in the mouth and throat.

Brew Colour: golden brown

Preparation: Mass - 7g (250mL); Brewing Time - 1 min; Water Temperature - 100°C; more than one brew

Possibly fitting teaware: clay or porcelain

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