Anxi Tieguanyin (medium) roasted

Anxi Tieguanyin (medium) roasted

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100 g = 30.00 €

100 g = 30.00 €

Anxi is the home of Tieguanyin. Tieguanyin is not only the name of a tea, at the same time, it is also the name of a tea plant, and a specific method of tea making for this particular tea. The traditional Tieguanyin making is very complicated and extremely time consuming. This Tieguanyin is purposely only up to halfway roasted (using woodfire flame) in order to retain the flowery character, as well as to modify the sweetness, depth and texture of the end product. Compare to those green style Tieguanyin, traditional oxidation rules were applied to make sure adequate oxidation is achieved, which you could clearly see in its infusion's colour. It is a very balanced tea of keeping the goodies of both traditional and conventional styles.

Year of harvest: 2016 Spring


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