Lao Cha Tao(Tou) (2009)

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It is a "by-product" of Shu Puer resulting from Wo Dui (渥堆) - fermentation process of Shu Puer. This process involves piling und damping máochá (毛茶) under controlled environment to facilitate the maturing process of the tea leaves. During Wo Dui, tea needs to be turned and separated from time to time to avoid overheat, as well as ensuring an even fermation. However it can still happen that some of the tea leaves are sticking too much together and cannot be separated.

The reason why the tea leaves sticking together is because of the pectin which leak from the cells during the fermentation. Pectin is a dietary fibre, which is believe to have a positive effect on lowering risk for developing coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and certain gastrointestinal diseases. Like with everything else in life, tea should only be consumed in certain amounts and when in doubt with existing health issues, please consult your doctor.

Additionally, Lao Cha Tao that yield under a well controlled environment is richer in taste and can yield more brews as well. Of course, because it is very packed, the leaves will need to steep longer to release its flavour. So best for a relaxing tea time and no rush! :) With time, you will be amazed of how this tea can develope with its taste.

Jahrgang: 2009

Smell: mellow, subtle, gentle sweetness, reminds of wine like Sherry, very comfortable

Taste: It is earthy, smooth, woody, slight minty effect on the tongue. Its texture will become smoother, as well as intensifying its sandle wood aftertaste. There is no limitation on its steeping time, as it will never get bitter or unenjoyable.  

Infusion: mellow reddish

General brewing instruction:

  • Quantity - 5-6g (0,25L);
  • Steeping time - minimum 1 min;
  • Temperature - 95-100°C;
  • multiple infusions possible

Suggestion on teaware material: Ceramics, Glass or Porcelain

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