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As time can take away the aggressiveness and promote the health beneficial substances in tea, aged tea has been used as an herbal remedy to boost the immune system among the Chinese. Apart from Puerh and Oolong tea, White tea can also be aged. When it aged well and with good raw material, it can be very enjoyable with a multitude of aromas.

This aged white tea was produced in 2010 in Fuding. It has been carefully stored in a well-controlled and closed environment. You can clearly find the trace of natural oxidation from the leaves, with different shades of reddish-brown and the hairy buds have already turned goldish. With the age, not only that you can taste the change (the subtle sourness) but there are also many fine aromas like spices awaiting you to discover. Be generous with the leaves and brewing time. This is certainly a tea for all-year tasting!

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