Huoshan Yellow Buds 2021

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Huoshan Yellow Buds was already known during Tang Dynasty (618 to 907) and was mentioned as tribute tea in 1515 (Ming Dynasty – 1368 to 1644). However, at those time, Huoshan Yellow Buds was most probably very different to nowadays, especially during the Tang Dynasty, as tea was steamed and pressed into forms mainly. So it was more likely referring to tea which its young leaves appeared to have a yellowish colour. However, the historic Huoshan Yellow Buds was lost for a long time.

The nowadays version (like this one we are offering) was developed in the 1970s, while the government was trying to restore the old tea-making techniques in the region, as well as investigating the “pan-frying” technique. The unique yellow tea-making techniques, Men Huang - light oxidation through resting in an environment under controlled humidity and temperature, was then involved to create this very fine, subtle, and rich tasting tea. This tea is the first harvest of the season, to not destroy the delicate freshness of the buds, only a minimum of “men huang” and roasting was done, which reflected very well in this tea.

Origin: Anhui Huoshan, China

Year of Harvest: 2021

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