Snow Dan Cong 2017

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Meeting of different cultures can sometimes be magical. This Snow Dan Cong (Ba Wu Ye) is a wonderful example in this context, as tea making masters from two different tea production regions fall in love. As sweet as love, as unique as it is in the eyes of the beholder, this tea was born in the snowy Winter of 2017. This tea was harvested in family teagarden of the husband in Chao Zhou (Pheonix Mountain), from tea trees that belong to the family of Dan Cong. While the tea making technique was inspired by the Wuyi region, where the family of the wife lives. This tea has a taste with the combination of flowers and fruits, the character of Dan Cong. And the Wuyi tea making technique gives depth and smoothness to the tea. A wonderful creation.  

Year of harvest: 2017 


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