August 2017: Tea in Berlin - 3 Days In-Depth Workshop about Gongfu Cha
Venue: Thirsty Moon (Ausguststr., 10117 Berlin) 
Date: 25th - 27th Ausgust

Our 3 Days Programm:

Day 1: Workshop - Bring your own cup 

Teaware plays a crucial role in a tea ceremony. We say, doesn't matter how beautiful a flower is, it still needs the leaves to support its beauty.

In this session, I would like to welcome everyone to bring their favorite cup. We are going to investigate and compare the differences and relationship between taste, texture, aroma, feeling and its practical aspect.


Day 2: Temperature and brewing style 

There is never one absolute set of rules for brewing. Gong Fu Cha is about making a good cup of tea. However, we need to learn to follow the changes. Changes of weather, changes of season, changes of people, changes of occasion. Tea has life, so is a ceremony, so is the person who prepare this cup of tea. So in this session, we are going explore and experience this area. 

  1. Cold brew
  2. Bowl brew
  3. Teapot brew 

Day 3: Tea & Cultures 

Tea is living.

Tea was discovered because of its medical properties. Its discovery was driven by its functionality. However, over time, the using / drinking of tea was polished and shaped by generations and generations of romantic scholars and aristocrats. Although tea drinking has not completely lost its functionality, it also developed into a colorful culture of different kinds. Tea drinking is full of life, and it is life itself. It evolves and adapts. 

Holding a cup of tea in your hand, is actually like holding a world of knowledge in your hand. You are to decide whether you are going to accept this invitation and start exploring or leaving the door closed. 

So let’s connect and experience the differences and learn about the culture and snacks that come along with the tea. You will be surprised about how rich it is behind this cup of tea. 

Programm of the day:-

  • Tibetian Milk Tea serve with traditional tibetian homemade snacks 
  • Hakka Lei Cha serve with traditional Hakka snacks

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