Taiwan (Formosa) Tea

Taiwan (Formosa) Tea


Compared to the history on that of Chinese tea, tea from Taiwan, also known as Formosa tea, has only started in the 16th Century after the first discovery of wild tea trees in Nantou by Chinese immigrants. The name “Formosa Tea” was however not know to the world until 1869 after the huge success of the English merchant John Dodd who sold tea from this island as “Formosa Tea” in America. Oolong tea is the mainstream tea assortment in Taiwan that is being produced because of the origin of the immigrants who mainly came from Fujian. Their love of tea is intensive, creative and vivid. With the attitude, they make tea appeal to everyone and  irresistible.

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Jinxuan (hand-picked) 2019

Product no.: TW-JX(A)-2019

Jinxuan is one of the most popular oolong from Formosa. It is completely cultivated and developed on this island. It is famous for its creaminess and is often called "milky oolong". However, its creaminess is actually coming from the nature of the plant itself, therefore the art of highlighting this character requires not only the "perfect weather" but also the skills and extensive understanding of the tea master. 

Handpicking is greatly depends on weather, therefore a good quality product is very limited. This Jinxuan has a very creamy and elegant touch. Although it is not from a high altitude, it does reminds of a high quality Gao Shan Oolong. Smooth, creamy, sweet... very pleasing. 

Year of harvest: 2019 (Spring) 

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100 g = 38.48 €

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Mi Xiang Oolong - roasted over woodfire

3.42 *
100 g = 34.20 €

Zhushan (green) Oolong 2017

Product no.: TW-ZHO-2017

Zhushan is located in the Southeast part of Nantou. It was harvest from a environmental friendly tea garden, which is at an altitude about 800m in the early Spring 2017. This tea garden is under tight watch by our tea master to make sure no pesticide or non-organic fertilizers is being used. It has a beautiful refreshing and sweetness in its taste, light but round, which make it fit especially well with warmer days. Its aroma also reminds me of plumeria, elegant and comfortable. 

Jahrgang: 2017 Frühling 

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Li Hua Niang (Winter) 2016

Product no.: TW-LHN-2016

Who knows Li Shan Oolong, the picture of an refreshing floral-style green, light oxidized and not roasted Oolong in their head. This one will certainly give a complete different impression of what you might be awaiting. Not only is this particular Li Shan Oolong was made using rather traditional method: about 30% oxidized and medium roasted on Longan wood coal. It has very special taste and aroma. 

Year of harvest: 2016 (Winter) 

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100 g = 44.84 €

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White Ruby 2017

Product no.: TW-WR17

White Ruby is a very unique white tea that created by our Shanlinxi Hong Shui master. It was harvest by hand on a sunny Winter day of January 2017. Ruby is another name for Formosa #18, which is widely known for its Hong Cha. But this White Ruby is a new extension from this cultivar. Compare to its Hong Cha counterpart, White Ruby has a rather soft and gentle nature. Depending on your choice of water temperature, you can adjust it to your personal liking. For example: it is extremely soft, smooth and fruity with lower temperature (eg. 80°C for 2 Min.); on the other hand, when brewed with 100°C, it could also become more astringent (much less compare to its Hong Cha) with strength and a highlighted mintyness in its aftertaste especially. 

Harvest: Jan 2017

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Taoyuan Four Seasons Oolong

Product no.: TW-TYFS-2017
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Formosa #18 Ruby 2017

Product no.: TW-SM18-17
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100 g = 37.30 €

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Formosa Assam 2016

Product no.: TW-SMA-16
from 2.70 *
100 g = 27.00 €

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Shanlinxi (High Mountain) Winter Oolong

Shanlinxi teagarden locates is at the East side of Zhushan (Nantou) and belongs to one of the most beautiful tea area in Taiwan, in particular for Oolong. Here, the main cultivar is Qing Xin Oolong, and the freshly harvested leaves are processed in the factory within 20 Min drive from the garden. This harvest was the last harvest of the year 2018 in the beginning of Winter. It was completely handpicked and has an intensive taste, very refreshing, smooth and round. 

Jahrgang: 2018 Winter

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100 g = 31.40 €
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