Tea Cylinder (Laopaka) Puer (2013)

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Origin: Yunnan - The proper name for this tea is Laopaka Puer - one of the most interesting Puer that I came across so far. This tea is made from old leaves of the wild tea trees in the forrest and processed entirely at home of the local tea farmers in Yunnan. Compared to "normal" Puer, its making is even more simple. The old leaves were picked and cooked in boiling water instead of "pan-frying" in a big wok to stop the enzymatic activities - "kill green". Then the cooked leaves will be packed into a long cylindrical form (between 140-200g per cylinder) and tight together with the bamboo sticks and left for drying. Because it is not really a commercial product, it managed to keep as natural and simple as it is. It has a unique sweetness and aroma, which is rather herbal but very comfortable with some degree of thirst quenching.

Jahrgang: 2013 (Herbst)

Smell: subtle sweetness and a light Puer-Flair in the background

Taste: It has a unique taste of woodiness and herbal in the direction of sweetness and a scent of Puer-Flair, yet soothing with degree of thirst quenching.

Infusion: light yellow

General brewing instruction:

  • Quantity - 3g (0,25L);
  • Steeping time - about 1 min;
  • Temperature - 95-100°C;
  • multiple infusions possible

Suggestion on teaware material: Ceramics, Glass or Porcelain


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