Taoyuan (roasted) Winter Oolong 2016

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The tea that I would categorized under Meisterklasse (Master Class) have all good reason for it. This particular roasted oolong was made by my Taoyuan Master, which deserves this title with absolutely no doubt. What make Oolong so special? Firstly, its different degree of oxidation; secondly, its degree of roast. The art of mastering both crucial processes is certainly no child’s game. It is not only about experience, but the thorough understanding of a tea plant, the weather conditions and most importantly, the sensitiveness of aromas. The nose is the best friend of a tea master.

My first encounter with this Taoyuan Master in 2011 was about his 3-generations family trademark Oriental Beauty, which stunned me in many ways. His passion in tea was another reason and I was deeply touched by his dreams, plans… which I witness how each of those dreams turning into reality year after year. To make a good tea, is nothing that just stayed on a paper, but a true feeling and all-round understanding in the matter of tea, without shutting doors for innovations and new ideas. This is the master of this tea – an energetic man of his 40s.

Since we met each other, I have concentrated mainly on his light oxidized oolongs and of course, his Oriental Beauty. But this year, I came at the time right between Winter and Spring harvest. So, I took this chance to learn about his teas from the Winter season. While my stay, we were tasting many Winter teas together, and I am especially impressed by two of them: Winter Jade and this particular roasted Oolong.

If you have already known the Woodfire roasted teas from our assortment, then you know this special sweetness in the taste and aroma of these kind of teas. This is the reason why I am focusing on teas that are roasted in such traditional method in the recent years, like: Tian Xiang Oolong, Master Tieguanyin, Wuyi Oolongs and etc. But… this electric oven roasted Oolong from Taoyuan convinced me all over. Not only that it is this “typical” roasted sweetness, but the master also managed the depth of the taste and texture. Like in many excellent teas, every cup will offer you a new experience, from the beginning to the aftertaste. In its taste, you can find a combination of fruitiness, arrays of floral qualities, and sweetness. An exceptional tea.  

Origin: Taoyuan

Year of harvest: 2016 Winter

Infusion: reddish

Content: 50g

Suggestions on teaware material: Clay, Yixing, Glass or Porcelain

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