Black Tea

Black tea was also called red tea in Chinese. "Red" refers to the color of the infusion, while "black" describes the color of the dry tea leaves. This is a category for fully oxidized teas. 

Wuyishan (Northern Fujian) could be the origin of red tea because in the 19th century, tea exports from China to Europe came mainly from Wuyishan. Besides Wuyishan, black tea also originated from Yunnan, Keemun, Taiwan, etc.

There are different forms of black tea with very different quality and price levels. Moreover, depending on the cultivar, production process and place of origin, there is also a variety of flavors.  

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Yingde Hong Cha 2021

Product no.: CN-YDH-2021
from 6.55 *
100 g = 13.10 €

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Formosa #18 Ruby 2017

Product no.: TW-SM18-17

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Lychee Tea (Premium)

Product no.: CN-LYT
from 7.50 *

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Wuyi Wild Souchong 2017

Product no.: CN-WSC-2017

Our Wild Souchong, as stated in its name, from wild grown Souchong which are found inside the natural reserve area of Wuyi Tongmu Guan. Only locals are allow to assess this area, foreigners are only allow with a specific permit. These bushes are grown on a slope, which is around 1000m above sealevel in its untouched habitat. From picking to its finished product, this tea was made entirely with hand. Therefore it is very limited. Compare to the 2016 harvest, this is not "smokey" at all, instead, it lends more towards the flowery direction with a hint of incense. 

Jahrgang: 2017 (June)

from 18.50 *
100 g = 37.00 €
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