Artisan Biluochun 2021

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Biluochun is one of the classic green teas from China, which has about 1000 years of history. Together with Longjing, it was also one of the favourite green teas of the Emperor Qianlong in the 18th century. This Biluochun is made completely by hand and from an ecological teagarden that locates in Dong Ting Shan, the origin of this tea. To ensure a level of biodiversity, there are also fruit trees in the garden. The best season is before Ming Festival (April 4, 2021) and this tea was produced on March 26, 2021. This was the first picked of the season and only the very fine buds or 1 bud with one leaf were selected by hand and made completely in the hot pan according to the traditional method.

Origin: Suzhou, Dong Ting Mountain, China

Year of Harvest: 2021

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